Dart Circular Blades

Perfect fibre cement saw blade for metal cutting & more.

  • DART™ is fully Australian owned and guaranteed
  • DART saws are designed for quality, precision and longevity with excellent value for money
  • DART Gold Saws and DART Silver Saws stock a comprehensive range of saws
  • Range of DART saws includes holesaws, circular saw blades and drill bits.
  • Hardened and tempered saw plates ensure excellent blade stability for the demands of continuous trade use.
  • Ventilation ports and expansion slots reduce blade distortion.
  • Axial shear cutting angle on DART wood cutting saw blades provide quieter, faster, cleaner cuts.
  • DART saws can cut through many materials including wood, metal and stainless steel
  • DART wood blades are a general purpose blade designed for fast cutting with a thin kerf
  • DART also stock wood blades to cute melamine, veneer laminated boards and plastics.
  • DART aluminium blades are designed for aluminium milling, grooving and weld preparation.
  • Chip limited teeth on medium to coarse tooth pitches offer added safety.
  • LOK embedded tip structure to maximise tooth strength.
  • Advanced cutting technology on DART fibre cement sheet cutting PCD saw blades.
  • Hybrid Cutting Technology on DART METALSONIC saw blades for cutting metal, and all non-masonry construction materials.
Dart Saw blades
Dart saw blades

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