Opteco Saw Blades & Circular Saw Blades

Perfect saw bench blades for cutting aluminium, plastic, wood & more.

Contact Opteco today to discuss your circular sawmill blades needs.
  • OPTECO Precision Saw Blades are designed and manufactured in Australia.
  • OPTECO™ is fully Australian owned and guaranteed.
  • Opteco Precision Saw Blades are manufactured to precision tolerance specifications for the global market.
  • From CAD design through to laser cutting, heat treatment, precision grinding and finishing, we have total control over every facet of design, quality and on time delivery.
  • We understand that your profitability depends upon efficient sawing, and the smooth flow of consistent quality production.
  • We make them all, Wood Cutting Blades, Aluminium Cutting Blades, Copper Cutting Blades, Plastic Cutting Blades, Sawmilling Blades, Saw Bench Blades.
Opteco Saw blades
Opteco Saw blades

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