970 SERIES Spline Arbour

Edger Saw Blades
Series 970 Spline Arbour
  • For sawmill installation in high production precision guided edger and gang saw systems
  • Precise spline fitting.  Tooth form according to particular operating conditions
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EDGER SAW BLADES 970 SERIES Spline Arbour  Australian Made Product

We know the demands of high production Gang Edger and Board Edger sawing operations. At the heart of EDGERMAXX 970 SERIES is our renowned MICRO-2 saw steel which is precision heat treated and multi cross-rolled.

These processes ensure that the blade tension is exceptionally uniform, consistently stable and flat. Each spline is also precision calibrated during production to ensure a perfect fit to the arbour.

An integral component in EDGERMAXX 970 SERIES blades is the dedicated carbide grade. Our M9 grade tips have the optimum properties for reliable high production multi shift sawing operations in a wide range of species. You will achieve excellent wear life, and resistance to edge fragmentation resulting in sharper saws for more lineal meters of product.

OPTI+ Zone Tempered Rim is used in demanding environments for additional tooth strength.

All OPTECO EDGERMAXX 970 SERIES saw blades are produced to client specifications. We manufacture from 450mm through to 1250mm.

OPTECO EDGERMAXX 970 SERIES Spline Arbour splines

“These OPTECO EDGERMAXX SERIES are excellent.  I know that they will be delivered to me on time, and that the splines will fit properly on the arbour.  I always know that when they are installed I will get reliability from the 1st cut.”

QLD Softwood Mill

OPTECO EDGERMAXX 970 SERIES Spline Arbour specifications and example specs table

Machine types

  • OPTECO gang edger saws are manufactured to suit MEM, Ahlstrom, Comact, Heinola, EWD, Ari Vislanda, HewSaw, Linck, USNR, A.E.Gibson, McKeeco and more.
Note: Indicated sizes/specifications above are examples only. All series 970 saw blades are produced to client specifications.

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